Magic Cube 7D

Magic Cube 7D

Magic Cube 7D is a fully functional implementation of seven-dimensional analogue of the Rubic's Cube and some other puzzles. Now there are twelve of them: hypercubes ranged from 34 to 57.

What you see in the picture is a solved 37 cube. The display shows 7 of its 14 sides at a time plus parts of six more (seven-dimensional cube has 14 sides!) One side is always completely invisible. If you scramble the puzzle, picture will be more interesting:

If you think that it's difficult to find something in this picture, you are right. But the program can help you to hide some pieces of the cube and make some others transparent:

Look more understandable? I also think so. Indeed, 37 has only 2172 moving pieces with 10206 visible stickers (and 15309 of them may be on the screen at the same time). This puzzle has about 3.37 x 108935 possible states, one of which is the solved cube. There are only few people who could solve it. But if the above puzzle is not enough for you, you may try something bigger:

It's a 57 cube. 78110 moving parts, 218750 visible stickers... May be somebody will solve it, say, in ten years or less.

Are you ready for the adventure? Download the program here. Unpack it in one folder and double-click the .exe file. It requires Microsoft .NET 2.0. Now program works in Windows only (and there are no plans to convert it for Linux). See the instructions here.

Magic Cube 7D took many ideas from MagicCube4D project. I would like to thank its developers Don Hatch, Melinda Green, Jay Berkenbilt and Roice Nelson for this wonderfull puzzle and for the very interesting 4D Cubing Group!

Some links:

If you have comments, suggestions or log files with solved 6D or 7D cubes, mail me:

Good luck!


Who did it:

36 puzzle

1Charlie Mckiz2011/5/13
2Adam Ford2011/9/21
3Nan Ma2012/3/26
4Chris Lewis-Brown2012/9/11
5Russell Sherrill2013/3/11

37 puzzle

1Andrey Astrelin2010/7/12
2Charlie Mckiz2011/5/26
3Nan Ma2012/3/4
4Craig Durward2013/1/24

46 puzzle

1Andrey Astrelin2010/9/26

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