Pacman 5D

Pacman 5D

3D Level

You think it is your old friend Pacman placed in some strange three-dimensional maze? Yes and no. Some levels of the game are really 3D, but there are four- and five-dimensional mazes. For example, this one is shaped as a set of edges of so-called truncated 5D simplex.

5D Level

And it really lays in 5D! If you press right button and move mouse, you'll see that shape of the field is changing: maze parts of different colors are moving to or from you depending of their color. And if you click right button, shape changes dramatically: what was a color is a position now, and back (for example, violet points go to the top of the screen, and top points become violet).

Running is easy: pacman always goes from you, to the deepest path inside the screen. When you rotate field (by mouse left button) game paused, so you always have time to prepare the next turn. And if it is not enough, click left button or press F1 to pause/resume game. But remember that you see only half of existing dimensions. Sometimes pacman misses desired path (on the first picture).

Main View Secondary View

When you click right button (to see last two dimensions) you see the reason: pass with points goes far into 4th and 5th dimensions! So if you want to be more confident about next turn, orient the pass in your main view, then right-click, orient the pass from you, right-click again. And be sure that the cross is deeper than the pacman, otherwise pacman will turn around and go away from the cross, probably to the closest monster...

If you want zoom in the field or out, use Ctrl+Left button (up/down)

There are three sets of levels, you can run them by buttons 3D, 4D and 5D respectively. Now only four different levels of each dimensions. May be later there will be more levels.

You can download game here. It is in zip file. Unpack it in any folder and run exe file.

Good luck!


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